January 2017
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Kitty and Strawberries

With great joy, we welcome baby Katherine to the world.  “Kitty” was born on Wednesday at 1:31pm weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz, 21.75 inches long.  There are no words to really describe the feeling of seeing and holding your child for the first time….it’s just overwhelming.  We brought her home today and couldn’t be happier.  Kitty is the first grandchild for both of our parents.  It’s nice to add a new farmhand to the family :)

For now though, we will see how things go on my end.  Having a baby is like having another fulltime job and I feel like I already have 4 of those.  Something may have to give….I guess we will see!

In the meantime, previous work done is paying off in a big way.  Tonight my parents picked our strawberries for us.  We have two rows of them planted out in front of the house and they are coming on strong.  The secret to getting good yields of strawberries is to keep them weeded and to keep them from crowding each other out.  Without competition they thrive.  Whatever you plant this year should not be expected to produce until the following Spring.  If you need plants, I have tons to share.

As anybody who has picked fresh strawberries knows, you cannot compare to the superior flavor of fresh picked to the store-bought.

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