January 2017
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Pumpkins are growing...and being eaten

Every pumpkin seed that was planted has germinated it seems.  We planted the seeds thick so we were guaranteed every hill would have plants in it.  I guess it’s good, I’ll just have to thin them out.  The pumpkins that I have planted will face a variety of pests this summer.  Cucumber beetles eat the stems and in doing so, infect the plants with mosaic virii/bacterial wilt.  Once your plant gets infected, it’s dunzo.  These can be prevented with Rotenone, an “organic” pest killer that is derived from the Jicama plant. It’s debated whether it’s organic to use it…well I’m using it on pumpkins that won’t be eaten, so I don’t care.  The second pest is these stupid deer which have already destroyed a few hills.  They seem to be after the specialty pumpkins, leaving the standard pumpkins alone.  Dusting didn’t work this time, they ate the plants lime and all.  I am pissed, these deer have no respect.  Their soulless brainless beady eyes just stare at me while they munch on my pumpkin plants.  I will come up with a solution for these fools shortly.

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  • Who knew deer were such epicureans. I think you already have a solution for the deer, his name is “Joe” and he comes with several different calibers.

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